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This day, anything goes.

Here is where I’ll die, for sure.

My mirrors are black.

This ain’t no fantasy, boy.

It ain’t a mystery, baby, not to me.

When I sin, I sin real good.

When you’re seeing 20 things at a time, you just can’t slow things down, baby.

Cracked necks by settled limbs, they don’t hesitate.

Mommy, I’m a good boy. Mommy, I’m a fuckin’ savior.

Misfits songs at the first Samhain show.

We’re gonna rise above.

Prime directive: Exterminate this whole fuckin’ place.

That time The Misfits were a screamo band.

I couldn’t find The Murder City Devils’ cover of “Hybrid Moments” anywhere on the WWWs, but here they are doing “She” for a circa-2000 benefit comp for the West Memphis 3, who are now free.